String bracelets instructions-how about braiding a spiral-up one

Summary: This is another new and novel string bracelets instructions prepared for all string bracelets holics; No matter tyros or dab hands, I will use paracord knots (also named square knots) to make this fab spiral bracelet.

This winter, I prepared many string bracelets instructions for braiding holics; all these instructions just include commonly utilized knots in our life, for example, paracord knots, therefore the string bracelets instructions will not puzzle you and bring in frustrations. 

The materials and tools:

1mm nylon thread in pink flambé and navy blue colors

3mm rainbow colored cotton cord




All steps for string bracelets instructions:

Step 1: make the top part

First, snip a piece of cotton cord triple length of your wrist, fold and place it in axis position;

Second, snip 2m blue and pink strings, respectively make lark’s head knot on axis cord with leaving 2cm at top;

Step 2: braid bracelet by knotting

Around axis cord, make square knots in same direction; as you can see in photo, always keep left strings over right strings at cross place;

Step 3: finish the string bracelets instructions

First, till the length of bracelet is okay, stop braiding with making overhand knots at both sides and melting trims with lighter;

Second, make button knot with cotton cords at end;

Third, trim off rest cords and melt the trims with lighter again.


Now call it a day, so much for the string bracelets instructions; the paracord knots are typical knots in paracord bracelets (also survival bracelets); this spiral one is just another design for paracord bracelets.

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