Basic Knot Tying Instructions- How to make an overhand knot

Summary: In the following knot tying instructions, we will show the diagram for how to make an overhand knot in below.

The overhand knot is the easiest of all the practical macrame knots, and it is the most widely-used knot in many patterns as well. Additionally, to gather together separate strings, this knot is actually efficient in every time.

How to make an overhand knot?

Step1: Hold your cord and form a loop, bring the right end over the left;

 make a loop

Step2: Pass the right end through the loop, from the back;

 pass the right end through the loop

Step3: Pull all ends tightly;

 pull all ends tightly

Step4: Overhand knot is finished!

overhand knot is finished

The following is a stunning friendship bracelet start with Overhand Knots, click the picture and check more details.

 friendship bracelet

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