Button Knots Instructions- Simple Decorative Knots for Buckling Friendship Bracelets

Summary: Button knots used to be common buttons of ancient clothing, now are precious knotting pattern which are often favored by craftsmen and Chinese culture fans.

Instructions on making button knots:

Step1: Make a black loop over red strand with black end passing over as you rotate it and then turn upward this loop;

make a black loop over the red stand

Step2: Pass red strand under black end, over black loop and under itself to shape a red loop;

make a red loop

Step3:Pass black strand over red, and up through the center space;

pass blacek strand over the red

Step4: Turn to red strand, counterclockwise wrap it under black end, over upper black strand and up through the center space;

the forth step of button knots instruction

Step5: Tighten threads, and adjust the knot.

button knots is finished

The button knots will generate very dainty and elegant effect if applied in string bracelets. And they can also function as a strong closure at ending part.

The method of adopting the Button Knot as closure, please refer to the coming project: Friendship Bracelets

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