PandaHall Tutorial on Vintage Pearl and Seed Beaded Necklace

Summary: Nice to see you all again! Today we are going to make a vintage pearl beaded necklace. You can easily make it by following the tutorial. Let's get it started!

PandaHall Tutorial on Vintage Pearl and Seed Beaded Necklace


Materials Needed:

MIYUKI Delica Beads, Blue, 11/0: SEED-JP0008-DB0862

MIYUKI Seed Beads, 11/0, Cream: SEED-JP0008-RR0441

MIYUKI Seed Beads, 11/0, Bronze: SEED-JP0008-RR0457L

Glass Pearl Beads, Blue, 7~10x4~6mm: HY-E001-06

Glass Pearl Beads, Beige, 6mm: HY-BC0001-6mm-RB011

Zinc Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps: PALLOY-X0037-45

You can search the code to buy all materials and jewelry findings on


Instructions on how to make this:

The details of making this necklace are relatively intricate.

You can click here for video tutorial on our Youtube Channel.


Step 1 :

Prepare 28 bronze seed beads and 14 cream seed beads.

First string in a lobster clasp and a cream seed bead, take the cream bead as the center, and string the remaining seed beads symmetrically to form an oval.

On the strung cream seed bead, access a 6mm pearl.

On the other side of the pearl, repeat stringing 28 bronze beads and 14 cream beads to form a new oval.


Step 2 :

Repeat the above steps, continue to add different colored seed beads and 6mm white pearls to complete 7 more of these ovals.

► Add three beads of the same color on one side of the cream bead for a lace style.



Step 3 :

On the outer rim of the necklace, add three beads of the same color around each cream bead.

*Note that two of these beads are surrounded by blue instead of cream beads.

Inside the oval, two blue oval pearls can be added to create an Evil Eye feel.


Step 4 :

Prepare 1 blue bead and 1 brown bead by filling in the middle of the cluster of cream beads and blue beads.

Prepare 3 cream beads by stringing them at the end of the blue beads cluster.

Continue stringing in 2 cream beads, 1 blue pearl, and 1 cream bead.

Add a new cream bead to the link to reinforce the links.


Step 5 :

Continue to prepare 1 blue bead and 1 brown bead to fill in the middle of the blue bead and beige bead clusters.

String in 2 brown beads, 1 cream bead, 1 white pearl, and 1 cream bead.

Add 2 brown beads to join the next cluster of cream beads.



Step 6 :

Repeat the above steps, continually adding new seed beads and pearls to form two blue pearl dangles and one white pearl dangle on the outside of each oval.

Reconnect the scattered seed beads on the inside of the necklace with beading thread and string securely.

Add an jump ring to the end of the necklace for easy attachment to the lobster clasp on the other end.



Finished The Necklace:

This vintage beaded necklace is completed !


How do you like it? Come and give it a try! You can also make other jewellery using pearls and MIYUKI seed beads in the same way.

Can't wait to share other jewelry making tutorials with you. See you next time!


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