Pearl Buying Guide

Summary: As an ancient organic gem, pearls are liked by many people. And Pearl Beads are also commonly used materials in Jewelry Making.Today, we will share a guide to buying pearls.

Pearl Buying Guide

According to general business practices, Pearl Beads

are divided into seawater pearls, freshwater pearls and artificial pearls.

Seawater pearls

The South Sea Pearls

Their color is champagne between yellow and white, and a small amount is golden yellow. The south sea pearls is generally between 9 and 16 mm in diameter. The south sea pearls is low output. The darker the color, the higher the value of the south sea pearls.

Tahitian Pearls 

Tahitian Pearl is black, and there are other bright neon colors such as malachite green, deep purple and dark blue. Its diameter is 8-15mm. The number of black pearls produced by black butterflies is relatively small, so any Tahiti pearl is extremely precious.

Akoya Pearls

They are produced in the southern harbor of Japan. They are mostly pink and silvery white with a diameter of 7~9 mm. The common diameter is 5~8mm, the maximum is 11mm, the thickness of nacre is 0.15-0.5mm, and the quality of pearls above 0.4 is better.

Keshi Pearl Beads

Keshi Pearl Beads refer to the seedless mariculture pearls. It was discovered by the Japanese in the process of cultivating pearls, and it was called Keshi. Akoya, which originally meant nuclear-free, gradually called the nuclear-free Australian white pearl, golden pearl and Tahiti black pearl keshio as time went by.

Grades and Classification of Freshwater Pearls


1. The first-class

They are round or nearly round in shape.

The color of the pearl surface above 0.5g is white or colored, with bright luster, the surface is like a mirror, and the reflected objects are clear and smooth to the touch.

2. The second-class

The Second-class pearls are semi-circular and steamed bread-shaped, regardless of size or weight. The surface color is white or colored, and the light on the pearl surface is bright and uniform, and the reflected image is clear, and the touch is smooth and moist.

3. The third-class

The third-class pearls is nearly round and hemispherical, and there are tiny wrinkles on the surface of the pearls, but the touch is still smooth, and the surface luster is bright. The reflected light can see the image of the object, and the reflected image is a bit clear.

4. Four-level

The four-level pearls are semi-circular, steamed bread-shaped, oblong and waist-drum-shaped, with fine wrinkles on the surface, smooth body, faint light and weak reflected light, and can see surface objects, but the image is blurred.

5. Five-grade

The five-grade pearls are irregular in shape, with obvious wrinkled skin on the surface, dry and unsmooth to the touch, tiny light, weak reflected light, dull luster, and unclear surface objects, and the reflected image is very blurred.

Artificial Pearls 


Plastic Imitation Pearl Beads

People will paint pearl pigments on the outside of plastic beads to make plastic look beautiful, and its color and luster are much better than natural pearls. Its biggest feature is that it feels very light.

Glass Pearl beads

As early as the 17th century, glass has been used to imitate pearls. Hollow glass beads are immersed in acid gas to remove the luster of the glass, and then pearl pigment is coated inside the beads, and then wax or glue is added to increase the weight of the beads.

Shell Pearl Beads

Made of shell powder is a relatively simple kind of artificial pearl, which is made by grinding shells into beads and then coating pearl pigment on the surface of the beads to make shell beads.

Acrylic Pearl Beads

Acrylic pearls are a type of artificial pearl that is usually made from acrylic material. Has a wide range of colors.

Many jewelry makers often use freshwater beads and artificial beads to make daily exquisite jewelry for themselves or customers to wear, and the jewelry made of freshwater beads and artificial beads is beautiful and not too expensive.

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