PandaHall Tutorial on Glass Beaded Lace Bracelet

Summary: Making Glass Beaded Lace Bracelet is a fun and popular jewelry-making project. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to make a beaded bracelet. Let's get it started!

PandaHall Tutorial on Glass Beaded Lace Bracelet

Materials and tools needed:

MIYUKI Round Rocailles Beads(yellow): SEED-JP0008-RR0441

MIYUKI Round Rocailles Beads(white): SEED-X0054-RR0420

TOHO Round Seed Beads(gloden): X-SEED-TR11-0557

2-Hole Seed Beads, 5x3.5x3mm: X-GLAA-R159-121

Glass Pearl Beads Strands, 4mm: HY-4D-B02

Slide Lock Clasps: STAS-UN0037-32

You can search the code and buy all materials and jewelry findings on


Instructions on how to make this:

Step 1 :

Prepare a 2-hole seed bead, string it through one hole and out the other, making the threads at both ends the same length.

Using one of the threads, string two golden seed beads and a pearl bead, then, string two golden seed beads and a 2-hole seed bead.

Repeat the above steps once.

Next, using another thread, string two gold seed beads at a time through the pearl beads and the 2-hole seed beads, respectively.

Prepare three pearl beads, two 2-hole seed beads, and a certain number of gold beads, as shown in the lower left corner of the picture, string them in sequence into.

Finally, prepare some gold beads to complete the other side.


Step 2:

Repeat step 1, until the length of the jewelry fits your wrist.

Prepare 6 yellow seed beads and 1 white seed bead, the white seed bead should be placed in the middle.

String in 2-hole seed beads every time to form a half circle.

Follow these steps and make another same craft.

Prepare two golden beads and string them with two white beads (from different chains) to form a circle.


Step 3:

Prepare three golden beads at a time and attach them tightly to the Slide Lock Clasps.


This elegant Glass Beaded Lace Bracelet is completed !

You can click here for video tutorial on our Youtube Channel.


How do you like it? Come and give it a try! You can use the same method to make other jewelry which fits the season..

Can't wait to share other jewelry making tutorials with you. See you next time!


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