Wire wrapped pandant

Easy to make vintage style heart bracelet

Beautiful red dangling earrings for Valentine`s Day craft

Nice bracelet craft idea

Lariat necklace craft idea for valentine`s day

Valentine`s Day craft idea - gift

Bautiful bracelet Valentine`s Day gift idea

Fresh water pearls bracelet for Valentine`s day

Bracelet idea

Valentine`s Day pendant

Valentine`s Day bracelet

Red hearts bracelet idea

Pendant idea for Valentine`s Day

Valentine`s Day bracelet idea

Valentine`s Day pendant idea

Heart and key easy to make earrings for Valentine`s Day

Nice halloween pumpkin earrinhs with glass beads and wire


Long colorful necklace

Elegant earrings

White&transparent necklace

Very interesting duo colours necklace

Rain drops in a bottle. Nice idea, easy to make

Something to do with old jeans and some beads

Room decorating idea

Beaded ant

If you have to many buttons

Buttons bracelet

Safety pins earrings

Made out of safety pins

Nice wired butterfly brooch

Some wire beaded glases

Do not throw away your old umbrella

Leather and lampwork bracelet

Some nice crochet rings

Wrap your gift

Crochet bracelet

Nest earrings

Bird nest

What you can do with a light bulb

Beaded dragonfly

Beaded ornament

Owl pendant

Wire cats earrings

Cherry pendant

Chain earrings

Simple necklace

Garden ornament

Wine cork ornaments

Beaded cutlery

Beaded chandelier

Purse clip / key chain

Key gift

Beaded windcatcher

Easter tree

Sequin easter eggs

A gift in a jar Valentine`s Day craft idea

Valentine`s Day gift idea

Valentine`s Day decoration

Long pearl and chain wrap necklace

Big baroque pearls necklace

Multicoloured pearls and chain bracelet

Pearls, shells and ribbon bracelet

Seashell and peals earrings

Shell necklace and pearls

Charm bracelet and pearls

Elastic cord pearl bracelet

Simple fresh water pearl necklace

Suede cord and gemstone bracelet

Chain necklace

Long dangling pearl and chrystal earrings

Dangling bracelet with leaf charms and agate beads

Dangling bracelet with glass pearls and charm

Chain and charms necklace

Rose quartz chips and glass beads necklace

Long beaded necklace with glass pearls and fabric

Amethyst dangling chandelier earrings

Cluster dangling earrings

Pearls and leather bracelet

Feather turquoise dangle earrings

Drop pearl earrings

Easy to make pearl earrings

Green double strand necklace with agate pendant

Leather and pearls multistrand necklace

Long multistrand glass pearls necklace

Chain and beads earrings

Chain necklace with charm and beads pendant

Colorful multistrand seed beads necklace

Multistrand seed beads bracelet

Colorful multistrand bracelet

Multistrand green bracelet

Multistrand necklace with pendant