Make a Beaded Owl Bracelet Out of Beads and Nylon Thread

Summary: Super chic, stylish and stackable as well making it the perfect beaded wrap bracelet in this October! Just check out and learn how to make the beaded bracelet with string!

This stack beaded wrap bracelet is so Halloween, and also pretty for fall. It’s so functional that you can wear it as a Halloween owl bracelet as well as a cross bracelet. Additionally, the way making such a bracelet is really easy and let’s just embarks on how to make the beaded bracelet!

Supplies needed in the bracelet making idea:

6mm Black Round Glass Bead

Owl Alloy Link

Magnetic Slide Lock Clasp

1mm Nylon Thread



How to make the beaded bracelet?

Step1: Make the 1st beaded strand

1st, cut 2lengths of 1mm nylon thread, 100cm and 20cm long;

2nd, thread the longer one through the first loop on magnetic slide lock clap. Pull two ends be equal;

3rd, tie the 20cm long thread to the longer one firmly as a holding end;

4th, slide one 6mm glass bead and push upwards to the knot location;

5th, tie a square knot with two longer working end;

6th, keep adding beads and tying square knots until the length of bead strand fits your wrist cozily.

7th, pass the holding end through the first loop on other part of clasp;

8th, tie an overhand knot for secure;

9th, bend the holding end downwards;

10th, tie an extra square knot with two working ends to cover them;

11th, cut off the excess and seal by a lighter.

Step2: Make the 3rd beaded strand

Repeat the 11 processes above for another beaded strand.

Step3: Make the center strand with owl link

1st, cut another 2 lengths of nylon thread, 50cm and 10cm;

2nd, tie the shorter thread up to one loop on the owl link;

3rd, lay the longer end under it and start by tying two units of square knot;

4th, repeat the same action on the other side;

5th, add the 6mm glass beads and make square knots as did in step 1 & 2;

6th, attach the strand to center loops on clasp


So beautiful, isn’t it? Actually, this is a 2 in 1 reversible bracelet! You can wear it on any occasion as well as a themed owl bracelet on the forthcoming Halloween! Hope it may make sense while you’re making your own beaded bracelets! More Halloween project from Halloween jewelry making party!

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