Beaded Necklace Designs - How to Make a Beaded Ball Pendant Necklace for Halloween

Summary: In today’s beaded necklace designs, we’ll show you how to make a beaded necklace features a handmade beaded ball pendant out of faceted oval glass beads and see beads.

The following beaded necklace design is prepared for the upcoming Halloween. Halloween is a pretty great time for wearing handmade fun jewelry accessories, so just check out this beaded ball pendant necklace. The pendant is made with faceted oval black glass beads and 3mm orange seed beads. Here we go!

beaded necklace

Supplies needed in the necklace design:

8mm Natural Mashan Jade Beads

Faceted Oval Glass Beads

3mm Round Seed Bead


Necklace Chain

0.3mm Tiger Tail Wire

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

materials in beaded ball pendant necklace

How to make the beaded ball pendant necklace?

Step 1: Bead the ball

1st, cut a fairy long piece of tiger tail wire;

2nd, slide 5 round seed beads and create a loop at center;

3rd, on the left wire end, string: 1 black glass bead, 1 orange seed bead, 1 black glass bead, 1 orange seed bead and 1 black glass bead. Then, take the right wire end and thread through the last black glass bead as picture shows;

4th, on the left wire end, string: 1 orange seed bead, 1 black glass bead, 1 orange seed bead and 1 black glass bead. Then, firstly pass the right wire end through its adjacent orange seed bead at the center loop and next thread through the last black glass bead as did in 3rd process;

5th, repeat the 4th process for another 2 times;

6th, in the last unit, thread the right end through the last orange seed bead at center loop, then the first black glass bead nearby. Finally, add 1 orange seed bead per wire and cross them through a black glass bead;

This will be a complete element of entire beaded ball.

7th, keep creating the small loop composed of 3 orange seed beads and 3 black glass beads for another element of your pendant;

keep creating the small loop

8th, after several times you’ll get the ball finally.

get the ball

Step 2: Make the ball a pendant

1st, string a long eyepin through the two opposite seed bead loops on the beaded ball;

2nd, keep 7mm at the other pin end and make a simple loop with it.

ball pendant

Step 3: Add on the chain

1st, make another two decorative elements with short eyepins and 8mm jade beads;

2nd, break the necklace chain at its center location;

3rd, add the beaded ball pendant and decorative elements.

add the chain

Close the loops securely and you’re done!

the finished ball pendant necklace

Get this lovely and fun beaded ball pendant just in time for this October. What’s more, you can also try the pendant with some ingenious earrings or bracelet making ideas. That must be extremely exciting!

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