How to Making Flower and Gold Owl Necklace Step by Step

Summary: In this tutorial, we will tell you how to make a flower and gold owl necklace. It is relatively sweet. And it can be your great Halloween jewelry.

This necklace combines the Halloween elements of orange, purple and owl. This flower and gold owl necklace can match well with your dress. You can try to make it if you like this jewelry idea.

 flower and gold owl necklace

4 steps to make flower and gold owl necklace:

1. Prepare materials: orange acrylic beads, owl pendant, eyepin, flower polymer clay bead, jumpring and brass chain.

things needed of flower and gold necklace

2. Make adornments of the necklace. Slide bead onto the eyepin and make a loop over the bead as picture shows below.

dangles of flower necklace

3. Connect them in order and hook the owl pendant to the flower, and then Connect brass chain to each end of the adornment.

4. Add jumpring to each end of the brass chain and add a lobster claw clasp to one of them.

Done! Hope this jewelry idea can give you some inspiration to create more Halloween jewelry.

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