Phoenix Tail Knot - Chinese Decorative Knot for Accessory Making

Summary: The phoenix tail knot also named fortune knot, is usually used as ending to symbolize favorable fate. Now we often use it to make jewelry such as bracelet and necklaces.

How to tie a Chinese  phoenix tail knot:

Step 1 : Prepare a double connection knot.

tie a double connection knot

Step 2: Start to make

1st, wrap loop with red strand;

2nd, pass part of black strand through the red;

3rd, pull the red strand tightly;

4th, pass the red strand through the black and out;

5th, pull the black strand tightly;

6th, pass the black strand through the red and out;

7th, pull the red strand tightly.

 Start to make phoenix tail knot

Step 3: Repeat above steps until you get your desired length

phoenix tail knot is finished

Done!  You can use it as bracelet or turn it into mobile chain with some beads dangling!

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