Tying a Half Hitch - Popular Decorative Knot for Micro-Macramé Jewelry

Summary: The half hitch spiral is easier to make than other similar designs. It’s a special knot that is often used in belts, cloth decorations and so on.

A half hitch tying is one of basic macrame knots,  used in macrame jewelry braiding. Let get down to it!

Instructions on tying a half hitch:

Step 1: Prepare a double connection knot.

 make a double connection knot

Step 2: In a clockwise motion, wrap the red strand around the black strand.

 wrap the red strand around the black strand

Step 3: Pull the red strand tightly.

half stitch tying is done

Step 4: Repeat the same process over and over until you get your desired length.

continue to make more half stitch

Done! This half hitch spiral design is much easier to make than other macrame patterns. Have you got it? If you absolutely mastered it, you can give another similar half stitch a try- alternating half hitch.

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