Make Spider Brooch with Copper Wire and Black Beads for Halloween

Summary: A funny adornment for Halloween day! This tut is going to show you how to make a spider brooch with simple copper wire and black beads. Enjoy our Halloween DIY!

Halloween is around the corner, you need to prepare some interesting and creative accessories to adorn your house and embellish yourself! How about making a DIY spider brooch? Spider is a typical figure on Halloween day.

DIY Halloween style spider brooch

Materials and tools for the spider brooch:

Bronze brooch back

0.8mm Brown copper wire

0.5mm Brown copper wire

16mm Black acrylic beads

8mm Black glass beads

Ear hooks

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter

Glue gun

Tools for making halloween spider brooch

Instructions on making Halloween style brooch:

Step 1: Make spider body

1st, pick a 15cm piece of 0.5mm copper wire, thread it through a 8mm black glass bead and 16mm black acrylic bead and pass the wire back through the beads;

2nd, wrap the wire tails around previous coil, and give a press-down with flat nose plier;

3rd, the spider body is done, and the wire coiling part is the spider’s belly.

make spide body

Step 2: Make spider legs

1st, pick 4 pieces of 0.8mm copper wire that all measure 9.5cm;

2nd, wrap the copper wire from spider’s back, the crossing part of wire is at belly side;

3rd, repeat to finish the other 3;

4th, trim the wires at both sides to the same length;

5th, bend wires from middle point, so the leg is shaped;

6th, flatten the end of leg to shape the foot of spider;

7th, so the spider is done.

Make spider legs

Step 3: Finish the spider brooch

Attach brooch back to spider by glue gun.

Attach brooch back to spider by glue gun

The final look is like this:

How to Make Spider Brooch with Copper Wire and Black Beads

Tada! This Halloween spider brooch is done successfully! This DIY Halloween spider is not frightening but pleasing. Particularly kids will over this cute kind of spider decors! More Halloween project from Halloween jewelry making party!

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