How to make a charm necklace out of the 2mm Nylon thread

Summary: In this tutorial, the subject is about how to make a charm necklace out of the 2mm Nylon thread. The charm necklace is in a cute fishbone frame together with another string strand simply, attractive, shinning and exquisite.

In some regions, such as Japan, the fishbone is not only a nourishing food but also a kind symbol of peace, intelligence and wisdom. Hence let get to today’s subject-how to make a charm necklace with threads. In the charm necklace, only two portions are included: the fishbone pendant and another string as rest chain part. The following are instructions how you can make it out:

Thing you may need for charm necklace: 

2mm Nylon Thread



Main instructions:

Step1: make the head portion with Double Half Hitch

1. Start by tying a Chinese button knot at center of a 90cm long thread;

2. Take another 30cm long thread lay it under the two vertical strands; then hold the right vertical cord and attach the half right end to it with a Double Half Hitch as the picture 3 &4 show;

3. Repeat the same progresses to attach the left half end to left vertical holding cord; now, you will get four vertical cord ends;

4. Take one more 3cm long thread and lay it under the four vertical strands and then continue the above two procedures from inside. 

5. Finally, stop repeating until you get 10 vertical strands like the picture showcase (for a normal size pendant for charm necklace).

Step2: make the gill portion
Just like what we have done in step1, the gill is also made of Double Half Hitch. The way is:
Take another one 15cm long threads as new holding ends; lay the thread over all vertical ends and starting to tie the Double Half Hitch from one end two another with 10 working ends. Repeat that two times and you will get the gill portion for your fishbone charm necklace.
Finally, trim off and melt all threads except the two central ones. 
Step3: make the bones
1. Firstly make about 2~3 “Chinese Snake Knots” to separate the head portion and body portion;
2. Take three more threads to tie “Chinese Snake Knots” for bones like that in the diagram. The knots for bones may be: 12, 8 and 6 pieces. Remember leave a 2mm space for attaching it to the two holding threads.  
3. After that, make the tail of fish in accordance with what you done when making the head. Just reduce the thread amount.
Step4: complete the charm necklace
Now after simply slipping it onto the chain string, your charm necklace is done!
After finishing this how to make a charm necklace tutorial, are you elated about the charm necklace as same as I do? The answer must be definitely YES, I guess. Or otherwise, you can also choose to turn it into a dangling ornament for the cell phone, bag or many others. Whatever, creativity drives everything.

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