Different types of string bracelets-how to make cool hemp bracelets

Summary: Different types of string bracelets. These instructions will lead you how to make cool hemp bracelets step-by-step. Via learning this tutorial, you will find another way making marvelous string bracelet.

Literally, a hemp bracelet is a type of bracelet made with natural hemp twine. Among different types of string bracelets, the hemp bracelet is much more light and durable than other. One chooses to wear these hemp bracelets around wrist is always a person full of challenging and innovative inspirit. In the following contents, I will show you how to make cool hemp bracelet out of ordinary square knots and some other common-used knots. Let’s start now:


In order you can read the figures clearly, I replaced all hemp twine strands with the Nylon Threads. 

The materials used in the project are:

1mm Nylon Thread 



How to make cool hemp bracelets?

Step1: preparations for hemp bracelet

In different types of string bracelets, the necessary assistive tools are always the lighter and scissors; and beside these, you may also need three strands of 3 thread strands:

Yellow-green: 220cm

Green: 220cm

Red: 70cm

Step2: loop the closure ring and insert the red holding ends

At first, take the two long green thread stripes and start to make Larks Head Knot at their central location, about 2~3cm is ok;

Next, finish the ring by tying a Chinese Snake Knot with two thread groups. Before you tighten the knot, insert the red thread as holding end. Adjust the thread to ensure it stop at center position as well.

Step3: make the hemp bracelet

1. Take the two working ends on left side and tie the basic Square Knot twice; 

2. Then repeat the same processes for right side;

3. Next replace the two inner green workings to form a cross in center;

4. Repeat the above three processes for whole hemp bracelet body.

Until the length fit your wrist, you will see the final bracelet effect as below:

Step4: complete the bracelet

Simply tie one or two Over Hand Knot with all 6 thread strands.


Likewise, using the hemp twine instead the Nylon Thread in this project and you will get your hemp bracelet. To get more different types of string bracelets, welcome to search and share other tutorials in pandahall! 

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