Handmade Necklace Ideas - Make Your Necklace in Mickey’s Pattern

Summary: This handmade necklace idea is to guide you into making your own Mickey’s patterned necklace. The hot pink handmade necklace will dazzle you at the first sight.

In this handmade necklace tutorial, I am going to use my favorite hot pink multi-faceted acrylic beads; in addition, an eye clasp will also be applied as a novel element into this handmade necklace project, and can you guess?


Materials and tools:

Silvery iron chain

Eye clasp

Cerise Opaque acrylic beads 

Acrylic spike beads

Eye pins

Jump rings

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter



Step 1: Finish the necklace pendant

1st, prepare 2 10mm bead links and 5 6mm bead links with eye pins;

2nd, prepare 1 flat round bead link and attach above 6mm bead links to spike beads;

3rd, attach all the spike bead chains to eye clasp;

4th. Attach flat round bead link to the eye clasp.


Step 2: Finish the handmade necklace

1st, pick a piece of iron chain that measures about 40cm;

2nd, attach the 2 10mm bead links to both ends of the chain;

3rd, attach the 10mm bead links to the whole necklace pendant.


The final look is like this:


So the handmade necklace tutorial is done. It is a great fun to make your own Mickey’s pattern necklace, isn’t it? At least, in this tutorial I found this kind of multi-shaped acrylic beads is really functional in necklace making.

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