Simple Felt Beaded Bracelet Step by Step Instruction

Summary: Follow our instruction to create a fantastic felt bracelet which is decorated with some pearl-like beads in a clever way. Fasten with a clasp can help to take it off conveniently.

Trendy and fun beaded bracelets may have long been favorite and must-have items for girls. There are so many styles that we bet this bracelet made from felt we show can be the one you love most if you like simple style. Some beaded bracelet instructions teach you to weave beads into bracelet that may be a little complex, while this bracelet requires few techniques.

What do you need?

6mm Opaque Acrylic Beads

10mm Brass Lobster Claw (not shown)

Jump Rings (not shown)

20mm Brass Ribbon Ends

Sewing Threads




Hot Glue Gun (not shown)

Flat Nose Plier

How to make a felt beaded bracelet?

Step 1: sew beads on felt

Cut out a strip of felt measuring 1.5cm wide, the length is dependent on your wrist. Clasp two ribbon ends at both ends of felt. Sew beads from one end all the way along the felt with same interval.

Step 2: embellish the bracelet

Sew decorative lines around all beads. Cut out a narrow strip of felt to cover the stitches at backside and secure with glue. Attach a lobster claw to link ribbon ends with two jump rings.

It is also a good idea to make this felt bracelet longer that can coil two or more circles on your wrist. Make your own jewelry is fun, it is worth joining us. After getting hang of making bracelets, you can get your creative juices flowing to make other amazing pieces.

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