DIY Eye-catching Earrings Tutorial - How to Make Earrings with Wire and Skull Beads

Summary: In this tutorial, we are going to make big hoop earrings. Maybe you think they are a little exaggerated, but they will definitely be eye-catching. And they are beautiful.

Do you love big earrings? They always make people outstanding. They are great jewelry when you attend some parties. And now, we will teach you to make big hoop earrings. If you don’t have this kind of earrings, you can make ones for yourself.

big hoop earrings

4 steps to make big hoop earrings:

1. Prepare materials: memory wire, skull turquoise beads, acrylic beads, brass beads, Tibetan style pendant and earrings hooks.

materials to make big hoop earrings

2. Cut a circle of memory wire and slide beads and pendant onto it as the picture shows.

 slide beads and pendant

3. Make loop with two ends of the memory wire.

4. Hook the two loops to the earrings hook.

Done! If you have prepared the materials, it just takes you about two minutes to finish it. So please have a try.

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