DIY Charms Bracelet - How to Make Pendant Bracelet

Summary: We will teach you to make a pendant bracelet. You can make it for Halloween because it shows many Halloween elements. And I believe you can make it with our instruction.

We use antique bronze pendants and chain to make this pendant bracelet, so it is a vintage style bracelet. And we use many pendants about Halloween such as owl, pumpkin, bat and so on. It is very interesting. Hope you can make it with us together.

antique bronze pendant necklace

4 steps to make this pendant necklace:

1. You will need: Halloween pendants, jumpring, brass chain and lobster claw clasp.

pendants, jumpeing, brass chain

2. Prepare a certain length of brass chain and start to hook the Halloween pendants to it through jumpring.

hook the Halloween pendants

3. Keep hooking pendants until the chain is entirely adorned.

4. Add jumpring to each end of the brass chain and add lobster claw clasp to one of them.

Done! You can also use other pendants to make the pendant bracelet. I believe it will be beautiful too.

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