DIY Adorable Earrings Tutorial - How to Make Unique Zombie Earrings

Summary: How could Halloween be lack of zombie? In this tutorial, we are going to make the unique zombie earrings. They are very cute.

The zombie earrings we are going to make are very cute. They look like friends. And you will be very outstanding if you wear them. You can make them as your Halloween unique earrings.

zombie earrings

4 steps to make zombie earrings:

1. Prepare materials: skull turquoise bead, headpin, eyepin, seed bead and earring hook.

prepare materials to make zombie earrings

2. Use skull bead, seed bead, headpin and eyepin to make dangles to be the body part of the zombie.

dangles of zombie earrings

3. Piece the dangles together to form the zombie.

4. Hook the zombie to the earring hook.

Done! So your zombie earrings are finished! They are so cute. You can’t miss them.

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