Shamballa Bracelet Design - How to Make Shamballa Bracelets with turquoise skull beads

Summary: The shamballa bracelet instructions below will show you how to make a turquoise shamballa bracelet; it will be easy for you to master this tutorial if you are not a beginner.

Since shamballa jewelries are the latest trend, many people must like them very much. This turquoise shamballa bracelet is the perfect inspiration! With help of the shamballa bracelet instructions you can make your own gorgeous, sparkly bracelet.

shamballa bracelet

1. Materials you will need in this turquoise shamballa bracelet: 1mm nylon thread, cord ends, turquoise beads, headpin, chain, lobster clasp, jumpring and scissor.

materials needed in making shamballa bracelet

2. Begin the bracelet by cutting three 40mm pieces of cord with scissors, attach the cord end with flat nose plier, slide turquoise beads onto thread and then tie complete square knot.

slide turquoise beads

3. Measure your wrist to confirm the length of your own turquoise shamballa bracelet; tie a fast knot and cut off the extra part just remain 5mm length long.

4. Thread a bead onto headpin, make a loop and snip off the excess part, hang it on a short chain.

5. Attach the cord end as the first shows, add clasp and jumpring on the different ends, hang the chain onto jumpring.

We have now finished the turquoise shamballa bracelet. hope you will like it!

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