Pendant Necklace Design Idea - Making Necklace with Wire and Skull Beads

Summary: Skull pendant necklace is always popular, especially during the Halloween. So this tutorial will show you a cool necklace design-making a necklace with wire and skull beads.

Can you image what can be created with the combination of wire and cool skull with Beautiful rainbow colors? Here I want to tell you to make a skull pendant necklace.

skull pendant necklace

1. Things you will need in this skull pendant necklace design: skull acrylic beads, 1.5mm aluminum wire,  jumpring, spring clasp and chain.

you will need in this skull pendant

2. Prepare a piece of aluminum with 20cm, make a loop on the top of the wire with round nose plier and then slide skull onto it randomly.

slide skull onto it

3. Now hold the end of the wire with your finger and start to revolve the wire around the skulls.

4. String chain from the loop and add clasp to the ends of the chain.

Done! This skull pendant necklace is the perfect accessory to wear on Halloween. Hope this cool necklace design will inspire you to make more handcrafts.

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