Fashion Jewelry Idea - How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Earring

Summary: Wearing a Halloween pumpkin earring is a good choice for Halloween! Now A fabulous and cute pumpkin earring will be shown here, and the earrings suitable for not only adult but also children.

If you are looking for a good costume to match the Halloween atmosphere, here will be a good accessory for you- a pair of pumpkin earrings. Now go with us and learn how to make homemade earrings.

homemade pumpkin earring

1. Things you will need in the pumpkin earrings: colorful acrylic beads, 2mm round seed beads, tiger tail wire, earring hooks, bead spacers, headpin and crimp beads.

things you will need

2. Slide beads and spacer beads onto a headpin as the picture shows, and then loop the end with round nose plier.

3. Fix the tiger tail wire with crimp bead. Start to string seed bead, pay attention to string beads on only one side of the pumpkin and then cross through a spacer bead.

fix the tiger tail wire

4. Next, securing the wire by tying knot around the bottom of the headpin, trim off the extra wire. At last, hang it on the earring hook.

So far, your cute pumpkin earrings have been finished. It will be a lot of fun to create such a wonderful Halloween pumpkin earrings!

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