Ribbon necklace instructions-a wavy necklace out of organza ribbon and glass beads

Summary: avy ribbon necklace instructions: this necklace is a simple and effective way to help make your own jewelry ornament at home. When the ribbon is decorated with shinning crystalline glass beads, how wonderful will that be?


Details in the ribbon necklace instructions:

Step1: sew the glass beads onto the ribbon

Take the needle and wire; 

Then find the location where you wanna start to decorate with glass beads;

Sew the prepared glass beads one by one. You can choose and arrange the beads entirely according to your thought. Make sure the ribbon space can cover half of your beads at least.

Finally, pull the wire to form the wavy pattern.

In my ribbon necklace instructions, I made use of three main beads and after stitching all beads, you will see the necklace as below:

Step2: wear your ribbon necklace

For the ribbon necklace, no extra closure or clasp is needed. While wearing it, simply tie a bow with the rest ribbon portion. You can also decide to tie the bow behind your necklace or beside your shoulder.

<span "="">Whatever, a ribbon necklace is really so easy to make. And no matter as a new stylish jewelry for you own or given to other as gifts, its cost is low but meaning is profound. Additionally, If you wonder to know more ribbon necklace instructions, you can leave your inquires here and I’ll try my best to help you with them. 

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