Easy Tutorial on How to Make a Ribbon Rosette Necklace

Summary: Our tutorial will show you step by step how to make a ribbon rosette necklace which is suitable to most of your outfits. Creating a fancy necklace by your own is a fun project and appropriate for all age groups.

This necklace tutorial is different from making a ribbon necklace we’ve given before. It is featured with folded rose embellished with flower bead caps around it as a pendant, such an ingenious combination! Does it spark your interest?

What do you need?

10mm Tibetan Style Bead Caps

6mm Opaque Acrylic Beads, red

4mm Glass Beads Strand, black

10mm Satin Ribbon, red

6mm Satin Ribbon, green

0.3mm Brass Wire, saddle brown

0.8mm Brass Wire, saddle brown

10mm Nylon Thread

Sewing Threads


Hot Glue Gun

Side Cutting Pliers

Lighter (not shown)

How to make a ribbon rosette necklace?

Step 1: make a flower ring

Snip a thick brass wire measuring about 15cm, bend to a ring and wrap both ends with thin brass wire for securing. Pass a length of thin brass wire through a bead cap and wrap short end around the long tail.

Attach the bead cap to the ring by wrapping both ends, cut off excessive wire. Continue to add bead caps all the way around the ring.

Step 2: make ribbon rose

Cut out a strip of red ribbon, fold one end downwards as a bud, and then roll the ribbon. Every time you roll, fold the top edge of ribbon backwards to make the flower layered and glue each two layers. Glue the end when you finish the flower. Fold a bow with green ribbon and secure with glue. Stick the rose with the bow, then with the flower ring.

Step 3: add pendants and thread

Slide a black bead, a red bead on a string of sewing thread and knot the end to hold beads. Make the other pendant, and then tie two pendants to the flower ring. Tie a long string of nylon thread to the flower ring and wrap both ends around the long tail. Melt the end of thread for securing.

The materials we use are bit parts in usual, the ribbon, bead caps, threads and wire, but now they are be gathered to become a sparkling protagonist – a ribbon rosette charm necklace. You don't need any special techniques to make the necklace high end; all you need to do is to give it a shot.

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