Handmade Beaded Jewelry Ideas - Make Triangle Reflection Earrings

Summary: This handmade beaded jewelry idea is about making a pair of personalized triangle reflection earrings. Hope you will like this creative earring idea.

The original earring idea is sartorial beaded triangles from Anthropologie; I do some modifications to make the handmade beaded jewelry less complicated and more time-saving; I think you will love the improved triangle reflection earrings.


Materials and tools:

4mm gold spacer beads

4mm silvery spacer beads

4mm orange glass pearl beads

Gold eye pins

Gold ear hooks

Gold jump rings

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier

Wire cutter



Step 1: Make triangle reflection dangle

1st, pick 6 eye pins and cut out 1.5cm of each;

2nd, loop the ends with round nose plier;

3rd, combine 3 eye pins together and attach two ends with a jump ring;

4th, the equilateral triangle is done and repeat above process to make another one;


5th, pick 1 eye pin and string 6 silvery aluminum beads;

6th, loop its end and cut off excess wire;

7th, pick 4 eye pins, string 5, 4, 3, 2 orange beads respectively and loop the ends;

8th, in the same way, prepare another 5 beaded eye pins, 1 is silvery bead, and 4 are gold beads.

9th, attach beaded eye pins to triangles;

10th, combine two triangles by jump ring.


Step 2: Attach ear hook to dangle

Slightly open the loop of ear hook, slide dangle into loop and close it.


Tada! The tutorial of triangle reflection earrings is finished! The handmade beaded jewelry ideas are numerous in our minds. They will pop out without any expectation once triggered. Actually this earring idea belongs to the circumstance.

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