How to Make Your Own Wire Bangle Bracelet with Beads and Felt

Summary: Want to know how to make a funky wire bangle bracelet with beads and felt? You will find the making method in this tutorial. We will teach you to make a glam and fashionable metal wire bangle in a simple way.

This simple bangle bracelet uses a thick metal wire as ring, felt and beads as decoration. Simple design doesn’t mean forsaking sweetness and femininity which girls and women like best. The best part of making your own bracelet is that you can customize them to suit your own taste.

What do you need?

7mm Brass Bead Caps

10mm Tibetan Style Bead Cap

6mm Aluminum Bead

15mm Aluminum Wire

3mm Brass Wire

3mm Pearl Beads Strand

Sewing Threads




Hot Glue Gun

How to make a metal wire bangle bracelet with beads?

Step 1: make a simple bracelet

Cut out two round felts with diameter of 3.5cm or so. Snip an aluminum wire by measuring your wrist and bend it into a ring. Sew two round felts along the edge with inserting the ring and secure with glue for avoiding slipping. Make sure you can put on and take off the bracelet smoothly.

Step 2: attach embellishments

Glue the Tibetan style bead cap with an aluminum bead in the center of the felt. Glue a pearl bead on a brass bead cap; we need 9 such bead caps in total. Glue all bead caps around the stitches. Snip eight length of brass wire and wrap them around the aluminum wire with similar interval. Note that hide ends of wire for fear of scratching you.

This is the final look:

Learning how to make bangle bracelet for your own has become all the rage among girls for perfect match and saving money. Even more noteworthy is that there are no limits to how you combine beads and other elements.

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