Instructions on Braiding a Friendship Bracelet with Colorful String and Beads

Summary: One of the easiest diy craft ideas for making this braided friendship bracelet, along with detailed step-by-step friendship bracelet patterns instructions for your reference; enjoy yourself here.

To be frank, the easy braided friendship bracelets are exact similar regardless of what pattern you make. The only thing differ one from the others is the usage of beads. So even though I am about to demonstrating the very easy braided friendship bracelet  below, you can follow and do some development.

Supplies needed in the braided friendship bracelet:

6mm Frosted Acrylic Beads

3mm Round Seed Bead

Sewing thread

1mm Nylon thread


Friendship bracelet patterns instructions:

Step1: make the beaded strips

Thread the Frosted Glass Beads and Round Seed Bead onto two strands of sewing thread respectively. After that, finish by tying a knot at each end.

Step2: start to braid your bracelet

1. Tie up the bead strands and two thread strips with an overhand knot;

2. Take the 3 strands and start to bride your bracelet;

3. Once the length reached to your wrist size, knot the end as in the beginning.

Step3: make a closure

Divide one of the strings into three parts and braid some extra length. Put one bead at tail.

Casually tie the bracelet around your wrist, no matter stay alone or stack with the wrist watch, this piece will work well to have the wrist party. What’s more, the result of entire braided friendship bracelet may get various as the beads and strings you adopted. Hope you’ll like my friendship bracelet patterns instructions. 

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