How to Make a Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace

Summary: It is an easy-to-learn tutorial about how to make a horseshoe nail cross necklace; it is said that horseshoe nail cross is just the perfect choice for necklace pendant, so don’t you want to make one?


No matter in school craft class or for festival celebration decorating, horseshoe nail cross is always chosen by most craft fans; it is simple to create and always outstanding among other pendant jewelry, and full of distinctive temperament; therefore I am self-assured about my tutorial of how to make a horseshoe nail cross necklace, just take out hands to make the rustic style decorating.

The materials and tools for this rustic style decorating:


Horseshoe nails

Leather cords

Super glues



The instructions about how to make a horseshoe nail cross necklace:
Step 1: prepare horseshoe nails
First, Pick up 3 nails in fine quality; you need to examine whether there is any rusty flaw on nail surfaces; if it is, you’d better replace them;
Second, use pliers to bend the tip ends of 2 nails to the same degree; and loop the top end of the 3rd nail; align them on table;
Step 2: wrap the nails and make cross
Snip a proper length of leather cord and wrap it around the part where your nails meet together; at last wrap, pull the cord tight and make a firm knot there. If necessary, you can use some glue to secure the conjunction part.
Step 3: finish the horseshoe nail cross necklace
Snip another piece of leather cord, and thread it through your cross pendant, so the necklace is done.
The only problem related to this how to make a horseshoe nail cross necklace is where to buy the horseshoe nails; I suggest you to go to hardware and craft stores, there must be enough horseshoe nails and you have the opportunities to pick up the favorite ones. The rustic style decorating may be simulated at appearance by other metal cross necklace, but will not be emulated at intrinsic quality.

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Nov 07, 2013 at 10:21 AM Mark Crain

Interesting article. WRONG, but interesting. I also love the picture of the finished cross.......I should, I'm the one who made it. It was taken directly from my web page Feel free to go to the page if you would like to see some more pictures of horseshoe nail crosses that are made correctly. ~Mark