Handmade Delicate Bracelet with Ribbon and Rose Bead Tutorial

Summary: Today’s tutorial on a ribbon and bead bracelet is designed specifically for fans of handmade delicate ribbon bracelets. Are you ready for a big surprise?

Handmade bracelets made of ribbon and beads may be described by many people as one of the most common combinations, but this bracelet we show you today is an original idea in the basis of common elements. Except for ribbon and pearl beads, the combination of flower clay beads, lace trim, buttons and braided closure makes this bracelet so special.

What do you need?

15mm Polymer Clay Beads

3mm Shell Pearl Beads

1mm Nylon Thread

25mm Satin Ribbon

25mm Lace Trim

11mm Plastic Buttons

Sewing Threads



Hot Glue Gun

Lighter (not shown)

How to make a ribbon and bead bracelet?

Step 1: ruffle lace trim as flowers

Cut out a strip of satin ribbon measuring about 2cm longer than your wrist circumference and a lace trim which is a little shorter than the ribbon. Lay the lace trim on ribbon and ruffle both ends as flower shape, secure with thread.

Step 2: add embellishments

Sew three flower clay beads on lace trim in place, then two buttons at interval between clay beads. String several pearl beads and sew two strings at each side next to the lace flower. Fold both ends of ribbon towards backside and secure with glue, leaving a gap at each side allowing nylon threads passing through.

Step 3: braid closure

Cross a piece of thread through a gap, make a knot. Bring the left tail to the right side; bring the right tail over the left tail and passing through the left loop under left tail. Pull the threads tightly and continue to make 4 or 5 knots. Do the same to the other side.

Cut out a string of nylon thread, group four tails, and then make several square knots as closure part. Cut excess thread and melt ends by lighter. Thread two pearl beads at each end and knot.

The final look is like this:

If you’re fond of handmade ribbon bracelets, why not try this one by using beads perfectly? In the meantime, hope you enjoy the process of making by hands.

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