Make Chain Bracelet with Suede Cord in Easy Steps

Summary: Interested in suede chain bracelet designs? Great! This tutorial will tell you a simple way to make a cool suede bracelet. Keep your curiosity and follow our tutorial.

Want a unique bracelet? Most of you may think that uniqueness means kind of sophistication, but actually things are not always like that. One of the suede and chain bracelet designs is cord woven with chain, which is very easy  to make; I bet you will love it!

Materials and tools:

Platinum CCB Chains

Metal European Bead

Brown suede cords



Step 1: snip proper size of chain

1st. cut 14cm length of  chain (this length is just suitable for most of females to wear twice);

Of course the length is decided by the virtual size of your wrist.

2nd, snip 28cm suede cord for next braiding.

Step 2: braid suede onto chain
1st, leave 8cm tail at one end of suede cord and tie an overhand knot over one end of chain;
2nd, weave the cord in and out, through the link spaces.
Step 3: finish the ending part
When reaching the other end of chain, tie another overhand knot over it; and add bead to each tail of cord, with knotting to stabilize the beads.
There are many chain and suede bracelet exhibiting on jewelry counters and showing high prices. So it is good and cost-effective to create some by yourself.

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