DIY Beaded Necklaces - How to Make A Triple Wire Twist Necklace

Summary: This DIY beaded necklace tutorial is to show you how to make a triple wire twist necklace with blue foil glass beads. Hope you enjoy this necklace making!

In this DIY beaded necklace tutorial, you will use 3 strands of wire which go alternately through one bead and then three separate ones. It makes an unusual and sophisticated effect and is very strong and long lasting due to the extra wire.  


You will need:

Handmade Silver Foil Glass Beads Strands, Twist, Mixed Color, about 30mm long, 20mm wide, hole: 1mm, 13pcs/strand, 14~15" 

Tiger Tail, Silver Gray, 0.38mm, 50m/roll

Glass Beads Strands, Round, Mixed Color, about 4mm in diameter, Hole: 1mm, 80pcs/strand, 11~12" 

Jewelry Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, Polishing, Carbon-Hardened Steel,12.5cm long

Brass Crimp Beads, Nickel Free, Barrel, Silver Color, about 2mm in diameter, 1.2mm long, hole: about 1.2mm 

Iron JumpRings, Close but Unsoldered, Silver Color, Single Ring 10mm, 1.0mm thick, about 6600pcs/1000g 

Brass Lobster Claw Clasps, Nickel Free, Silver Color, about 12mm long, 7mm wide, 3mm thick, hole: 1mm 



Step 1: attach clasp to one end of necklace

1st, line up the ends of the three wires and thread on a crimp bead and a clasp;

2nd, fold the ends over and loop back through the crimp bead and squash it with the pliers, making sure the folded wire is less than 20mm from the crimp (so it will be hidden by the bead)


Step 2: add beads to make wire twist necklace

1st, thread all three wires through one 20mm twist bead;

2nd, separate the wires and add one 4mm glass bead on each.

3rd, repeat previous two processes until necklace reaches the desired length.


Step 3: secure the other end of necklace

1st, add a crimp bead followed by the ring.

2nd, fold the wire back through the crimp bead and pull tight.  Squash it with the pliers. 

3rd, either thread the wires back through the last bead and trim or trim close to crimp and use a crimp cover (as in the pictures)


Now this triple wire twist necklace is done; besides DIY beaded necklace, you can choose to make matching earrings with the same beads. It is a great idea to make a set of wire twist jewelry.

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