How to Make a Cool Skull Bracelet from Black Lace

Summary: Today we will teach you how to make a super cool skull bracelet with black lace. You must like it if you are a fan of rock.

How to make a skull bracelet? Plain skull bracelets are somewhat outdated now. We need to be creative. Here is a tutorial on black lace bracelet with some skull embellishments. Skull is a symbol of cool while lace and bowknots stand for sweetness, such a perfect combination for girls! If you like it, then just make it without any hesitation.

black lace bracelet

What do you need?

12.5mm Colorful Acrylic Beads, skull

27mm Lace Trim

10mm Satin Ribbon

0.8mm Nylon Thread



Hot Glue gun

materials for black lace bracelet

How to make a lace bracelet with skull?

Step 1: string skull beads

Make a knot keeping a length from one end and thread a skull bead, knot again and make sure the space for skull bead not too tight. Add another five beads, each with a knot.

string skull beads

Step 2: make bow embellishments

Cut out five strips of satin ribbon measuring 6cm or so. Take one strip and fold a common bowknot. Secure the bow with pin, repeat to make another four bows. Glue a bow between each two skull beads on a long lace trim.

bow embellishment making

Step 3: add lacing

Cut off excess lace trim until reach desired length. Glue a strip of satin ribbon with a folded end in the middle of one tail. Fold one end of lace trim to the backside and secure with glue. Do the same to the other end.

add lacing

Red and black are the best and classic mix and match from way back, and red is the most attractive color. Hope you like this cool bracelet made of black lace and red skull beads. More Halloween project from Halloween jewelry making party!

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