How to Make a Big Spider Centerpiece for Halloween

Summary: Our tutorial on how to make a big spider aims to teach you a genius way of making a spider centerpiece for Halloween.

Spider decorations are must-have items on Halloween, if you haven’t got a clue on how to make a spider, now I introduce this big spider centerpiece which just need felt, a big bead and wires to you. You can make it in half an hour if you get the hang of it.

What do you need?

20mm round Colorful Acrylic Bead, saddle brown

0.3mm Brass Wire

1mm Brass Wire


Felt gaskets



Hot Glue gun

Sewing Threads (not shown)

Needle (not shown)

Pen (not shown)

How to make a big spider?

Step 1: make claws of spider

Cut out two same round pieces from black felt measuring 5cm. Snip 5 sets of 1mm brass wire which one set include three pieces measuring 5cm. Wrap each set with 0.3mm brass wire as claws. Arrange claws on a black felt in place.

Step 2: make body of spider

Secure all claws with glue gun. Heap a pile of felt gaskets and a few of quilting over the black felt. Cover the pile by the other black felt and sew two black felts along the edge.

Cut out another three round black felts, each one is a little smaller the other one, glue them on the body of the spider and make sure the smallest one is atop. Bend the claws to make the spider stand up.

Step 3: make head of spider

Wrap a 1mm brass wire around the middle of spider’s body with an acrylic bead as head; wrap a few circles around neck for securing. Wrap two wires to embellish the spider and glue two pom poms on the head as eyes. Draw the eyeballs, it is more alive.

Such a cute and funny spider centerpiece has finished. Place it at home must attract your friends and be popular among kids. How about trying to make a big spider right now?

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