Designing Jewelry Ideas- How to Build Your Own Engagement Ring

Summary: Designing jewelry is not a complicated thing. We may know how to make a simple ring when we see it. In this article, we will build a ring and you can make it as your own engagement ring if you love it.

The ring we are going to make is very gorgeous. And it is easy to make. If you need a beautiful engagement ring, you can make it with us. Now, you can build your own engagement ring by yourself. 


Supplies needed in building your own engagement ring: 

13mm transparent acrylic pendants

3mm pearl beads

3mm Swarovski crystal beads

Nylon wire

Brass loop ring base




Steps for building your own engagement ring


Step1: Make 10 beaded elements in earrings with pearl beads, Swarovski crystal beads and headpins.


Step2: Make the focal acrylic bead part.


1st, string 5 transparent acrylic beads and thread the wire through them for circles and out from the last one for getting a loop. Tie a knot.

2nd, hook the 10 beaded elements to the loops of the brass loop ring base. Make sure that the 5 acrylic beads loop is placed between the beaded elements and the brass loop ring base.

Congratulations! Your ring is done! I believe you have built your own engagement ring. You can use other beads to make. You will be more attractive when you wear it. And we can design more jewelry next time.

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