Learn To Make Blue Acrylic Rhinestone Necklaces

Summary: A glaring blue acrylic rhinestone necklaces making tutorial will be right before your eyes when you found this project, and this cheap fashion necklace will turn out to be cute!

Several days ago I saw a blue rhinestone necklace from a web and I have been thinking how to make the necklace nicer and reduce the cost. Now let me share with you the way to make this “cheap fashion necklace”. 


1. Things you should prepare: acrylic rhinestone beads, jumprings and chain


2. Open a jumpring to link the two acrylic rhinestone beads together, close the jumpring.

3. Hang another acrylic rhinestone beads on a jumpring, and then attach the jumring to the closed jumring we have done before.     


4. Add on jumprings to outer holes of the acrylic rhinestone beads, connect them with chain.

Tada, your blue acrylic rhinestone necklaces have been done, if you prefer blue, why not to create this fashion necklace with cheap cost. 

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