Stunning Exotic Jewelry Project – Make Your Own Statement Necklace

Summary: Bold exotic jewelry making project about a piece of vintage-inspired statement necklace; you’ll enjoy the hue and pattern definitely. While making your own necklace, nothing but some patience is required!

The exotic artisan jewelry that carries only few semi-precious stone and metal findings have swept around the world now, and we know you’ll enjoy shopping and wearing those exotic jewelry. Today, in this tutorial, we’ll show you a way making your own exotic necklace easily using some colorful wood beads, turquoise beads, eyepins and chain.

Supplies needed in the exotic jewelry project:

Drop Turquoise Bead Strand

4mm Wood Beads




Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Flat Nose Plier


How to make your own statement necklace?

Step1: Create the drop turquoise bead dangles

1st, open the small-sized jumpring and thread through the hole of drop turquoise bead;

2nd, attach a eyepin to each jumpring;

For one necklace, 20~26 units are required.


Step2: Design the focal beaded chain

1st, take one basic unit (in step 1), slide one dark purple wood bead, pass through the first chain link and string one magenta wood bead. Keep 6mm pin from the bead, trim off the excess part and make a simple loop using round nose plier;

2nd, at the adjacent 3rd chain link repeat the previous process;

3rd, keep attaching the basic units finish all prepared.


Step3: Make another decorative chain

1st, cut two lengths of thicker chain, measuring as long as the focal beaded chain;

2nd, lay two chain segments on a flat and connect each two chain links with a jumpring.



Now, you’ve finished making your very own statement necklace! How do you think about my hue and pattern? Generally, this is not just a piece of exotic jewelry, but also a remarkable symbol of your personality!

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Feb 13, 2014 at 06:04 PM Benita Ricks

This has to be my favorite :-) Thanks April