Jewelry Crafts for Kids – Cute and Colorful Kids Beaded Necklaces

Summary: This jewelry craft for kids is fun for the whole family! Using a few colorful acrylic beads and eyepins and you are allowed to create the kids beaded necklace within 10 minutes!

Easy jewelry crafts for kids make creative gifts. Kids can make their own creations using the colorful summer-hued acrylic beads and soft brass pins. When combine with a kid’s imagination, even the plainest item may be full filled with possibility and magic!


Supplies needed in the kid’s beaded necklace:

6mm Colorful Acrylic Bead

Cross Alloy Pendant

Spacer Bead


Memory Wire

Round Nose Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier


How to make the kids beaded necklace?

Step1: Create the focal dangles

1st, open the loop on eyepin and attach the cross pendants one by one. Close the loops with pliers then;

2nd, arrange your beads on each eyepin;

Unit # 1: one spacer bead, one magenta acrylic bead, one green acrylic bead;

Unit # 2: one spacer bead, two green acrylic bead, one magenta acrylic bead;

Unit # 3: one spacer bead, one magenta acrylic bead, one green acrylic bead, one magenta acrylic bead, one green acrylic bead; 

For one necklace, you’ll need two of unit # 1 & unit # 2;

3rd, keep 6~7mm at the top, cut off the excess and loop the 6mm pin part.


Step2: Slide the dangles onto memory wire

1st, cut a full circle out from the memory wire;

2nd, string the dangles in the order: unit # 1, unit # 2, unit # 3, unit # 2, and unit # 1.


Step3: Add on the clasps

1st, create a simple loop at two ends of the memory wire;

2nd, hook the clasp and end chain onto the ending loops.




Though the kid’s beaded necklace is easy enough to create, make sure the kids use pins under your supervision. A simple jewelry craft for kids is a pretty good beginning project that helps kids develop fine operational ability and explore their talents.

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