Creating Your Own Jewelry- How to Make a Popular Necklace

Summary: Did you think about creating your own jewelry? A popular necklace can make people fashionable. In this post, we will show you how to make a perfect necklace.

Sometimes, we may admire the people who wear the stunning jewelry. But don’t think the jewelry costs much money. Actually, we can make beautiful jewelry by ourselves. Next, we will make a popular necklace. You can make it with us if you want to make one.


Supplies needed in creating this popular necklace:

16mm & 12mm & 8mm pearl beads

14mm glass beads

10mm & 6mm transparent acrylic beads

Seed beads

6mm filigree beads




Alloy chain

Lobster claw clasp

3 steps to make popular necklace:

Step1: Make dangles. Slide a seed bead and a 16mm pearl bead onto a headpin, and make a loop over the pearl bead. Then cut off the extra wire. Continue making with other beads, eyepins and headpins. We name them with the letters from A to J.


Step2: Cut out two 1.5cm long alloy chain and two 3cm long chain marked K, L respectively.


Step3: Connect the dangles and the alloy chains in order shown in the picture below. Add a jumpring to each end. Then add a lobster claw clasp to one end. 


Your necklace is done! It is really gorgeous. You can use the pearls in the color you like to make this popular necklace. And you will be very attraction when you wear it.  

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