Make braided string bracelets with Lark’s head knots

Summary: Today I will present you one kind of beautiful and simple string bracelets; this article is going to teach you how to make braided string bracelets with lark’s head knots.

Lark’s head knots are similar to hitches, so they are not that difficult as you novices imagine; such kind of knots are not only easy to handle, but also have a kind of brief and symmetrical beauty. This tutorial will help you make braided string bracelets with these easy-to-learn knots.


Things you need to make braided string bracelets:

Nylon threads in pink and light green colors

Acrylic beads in pink and green colors




The instructions start from here:

Step 1: braid snake knots to make the top

First, clockwise wrap the upper string around finger and below string twice and half; the loops are made;

Second, wrap the below string clockwise and thread below string through loops;

Third, tighten the strings, and the first snake knots are done; mark this facet as face and opposite facet as back;

Fourth, turn the back up, draw out the below loop and repeat the second process.

Fifth, once the length is enough, stop braiding and make an overhand knot with green strings.

Step 2: use lark’s head knots to braid bracelet

First, wrap right string clockwise around pink strings twice as photo 1 shows; then tighten the knot;

Second, symmetrically wrap the left side string as photo 2 shows; then tighten the knot;

Repeat this step;

Step 3: end the braided string bracelet

First, till the length is okay, make a final knot first, then cross pink strings through a pink acrylic bead and cross green strings through a green bead similarly;

Second, use overhand knots to secure the beads; finally leave 2cm fringes and trim off the excess strings.

So far your bracelet is done, and this tutorial has taught you a good way to make braided string bracelets. After the tutorial, you will skillfully make lark’s head knots which can be flexibly used in various string bracelets.


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