Design Your Own Coil Earrings with Beads and Wire

Summary: The tutorial I will show you today is about how to make your own coil earrings with inexpensive cost. Learn the coiled wire earrings in heart if you like it!

How to make distinct earrings with beads and wire? Do you want to know? The introduction on making your unique colie earrings will help you and figure it out. 

1. Materials you will need: memery wire, 0.5mm silvery brass wire, 4mm bicone glass beads and headpins.


2. Cut the memory wire of 6cm, bend it at one third place and make a loop at the end of the longer tail. Now this will be the earring hook of the coil earring.

3. Thread headpin through a glass bead and loop it with round nose plier, add the dangle on the earring hook.

4. Coil the brass wire and thread beads alternately, 5 beads is ok.


Congratulations, your wonderful coil wire has done! I hope you can be inspired by this coiled wire earring and create more fabulous jewelries.

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