Free Jewelry Making Instructions – Build a Layered Bib Necklace

Summary: Free jewelry making instructions about how to build your very own bib necklace, style with opaque white acrylic rhinestone bead and gold spacer bead; each step is showed with pictures!

Though it may seem a little funny when hear the word “bib necklace”, it do really make quite big difference in the fashion word. Today, we’ll share a free jewelry making instruction about building your very own bib necklace at home, layered, chunky and chic. Additionally, it may just take less than 15 minutes to finish!


Supplies needed to build a bib necklace

Acrylic Rhinestone Bead

Spacer Bead

Crimp Bead


0.5mm Tiger Tail Wire

2mm Nylon Thread

Flat Nose Plier


Details of the free necklace making instructions

Step1: Create the dangles

Open the jumpring and attach one acrylic rhinestone bead. For one necklace, you may need 16 units totally.


Step2: Design the beaded bib part

1st, cut a 40cm piece of tiger tail wire and then slide on a jumpring;

2nd, pull the wire against the jumpring to make two ends into 15cm and 25cm parts;

3rd, clamp the two ends with a crimp bead;

4th, take the shorter wire end, string the unit consists of 3 gold spacer beads and one acrylic bead dangle. 7 units are enough;

5th, add on another 3 gold spacer beads, a crimp bead and a jumpring. Take the wire to go back through the crimp bead. Pull the wire tautly and squeeze the crimp bead with plier;


6th, add 9 dangle units on the longer end and then attach the end to the jumpring in same way;

7th, stuck the wire tails at adjacent 3-4 beads and then remove the excess.


Step3: Add the 2mm nylon thread

1st, cut two 30cm strands of 2mm nylon thread;

2nd, pass the thread through the jumpring and secure with an overhand knot;


3rd, simply tie the necklace around your neck!


The trick to build your own bib necklace is keep it as simple as possible, and so today’s free jewelry making instruction is! These bib necklaces can make even most plain outfits be glamorous!

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