Chic Homemade Necklace – Make Your Own Chain Necklace with 3 Easy Steps

Summary: Design and create your own homemade necklaces with styles! This How-To will demonstrate a fun way to make your own chain necklace at home, with easy supplies and steps!

This homemade necklace is vogue and extremely easy to make. It makes perfect gift to give among young girls. To make your own chain necklace you’ll only need 3 or 4 types of chain and several focal spikes or pendants. It is worth stopping and having a look.


Supplied required in the homemade necklace:

Chain (3 types in different color and style)

Acrylic Spike

Antique-bronze Spacer Bead



Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier


Step-by-step instructions on making your own chain necklace:

Step1: Prepare the short chain strips

Take the prepared chain strands and break into several 3~4cm long pieces.


Step2: Create the spike dangles

On one eyepin, slide on a spacer bead. Leave about 8mm at the end, cut off the excess pin tail. Make a large simple loop with the 8mm pin. Then attach one spike and close the loop off.

For one homemade chain necklace, 14-16 units are required.


Step3: attach the prepared chain strips and spike dangles

1st, measuring a length of chain around your center part of collar;

2nd, open the loop on spike pendant and attach to the first chain link, close the loop off with plier;

3rd, open the first link on short gold chain and attach to the adjacent chain link, close off the link as same as previous;

4th, attach one black short chain;

5th; attach one antique-bronze short chain;


6th, repeat the processes 2-5 until finish all elements prepared.


7th, cut another length of chain for the rest necklace chain

8th, lay the components on a flat;

9th, assemble by using two medium-sized jumprings.




If you love wearing the personalized homemade necklaces, or have a friend who dose, this tutorial about making your own chain necklace in 3 easy steps is a wonderful opportunity. 

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