Build Your Own Necklace- Personalized Necklaces for girls

Summary: Necklace is great jewelry to decorate your neck. You may wander how to build your own necklace. In this article, we will tell you how to make personalized necklaces for girls.

Girls like to wear necklace. It can make our neck more beautiful. But you may not want to wear the same necklace with others. So why not build your own necklace. This article is an article about teaching you how to create personalized necklaces for girls. Let’s make it.


Supplies needed in building your own necklace:

8mm Black round glass beads

4mm Black Swarovski crystal beads

Seed beads

A cross

Pad with claws

Round sequins



Lobster claw clasp

Golden brass chain

Nylon wire

How to create personalized necklaces for girls?

Step1: Fix the pad with claws to the top of the cross, then string seed beads and 4mm Swarovski crystal beads and cross through the last one to make a loop, and attach this loop to the pad. Continue attaching the pad and the bead loops to other parts of the cross as shown in picture below.


Step2: Make 30 simple links marked A with eyepins and 8mm black glass beads. And make six 7mm, four 13mm, two 15mm and six 19mm golden brass chains respectively marked B, C, D, E. 


Step3: Connect the cross, simple links, chains, sequins, jumpring and lobster claw clasp in order as shown in picture.


So you have built your own necklace. You can use other beads as you want to make more personalized necklaces for girls. Hope we can make more together. 

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