How to make an ankle bracelet-an ankle bracelets for women decorated with delicate beaded flowers

Summary: Special beading project for a beaded ankle bracelet, detailed instructions on how to make an ankle bracelet with beads and one string, plus some delicate pieces of beaded wildflowers!

In the hot summer, besides the visual necklaces, earrings and other jewelry accessories, in fact, a stylish ankle bracelet can also sometimes highlight one’s whole appearance. As being warmly welcomed by women all over the world, the ankle bracelet for women has developed into multiple types and styles, for example the typical ones making use of leather or even iron chains and so on. In addition, making an ankle bracelet is a craft project that you can also call your children to take part. Then, just have a look on how to make an ankle bracelet in my own way.




Materials need in beaded ankle bracelet making:

Purple Baking Painted Glass Bead

Opaque 8/0 Glass Seed Bead

Korea Cotton Wax Cord

Side Cutting Plier



How to make an ankle bracelet?

Step1: Make the pattern for your beaded ankle bracelet

Part1, cut out a 100cm long Korea Cotton Wax Cord and then fold it twice.

Part2, tie a knot at the top position, leave about 1cm long space.

Part3, fix the knot firmly to the desk with a clamp. Pay attention that the strand at center part can be little shorter that the other two.

Part4, braid the three branches.

Part5, stop to add on the beads when the braided part reaches about 2cm. To finish this process, adds one Purple Baking Painted Glass Bead on the center cord (here, you can use a section of tiger tail to help guide the double Korea Cotton Wax Cord pass across the Purple Baking Painted Glass Bead), then the other two cord respectively add 3~4 pieces of Opaque 8/0 Glass Seed Bead.



Part6, after finished the above action, tighten the cord and then repeat the processes from part 1~part 5 until you get ideal ankle bracelet length.


Step2: Ending work of ankle bracelet making project

After the beaded ankle bracelet reaches your ideal length, you can firstly continue to braid the rest cord for an extra 2cm long part and then tie a knot at the end. Then string one Purple Baking Painted Glass Bead with all three cord branches; next, each cord attach insert another one Purple Baking Painted Glass Bead.

Then, this beaded ankle bracelet is done!



At last, there is also another choice to own a unique ankle bracelet, that is, around you ankle, you can get a tattoo of bracelet pattern. It will be more secure than the real ankle bracelet, but to get one like this you need to endure much pain on your body. However, no matter what you choice is for how to make an ankle necklace, just enjoy yourself and have fun!

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