Jewelry Making Daily- Make Your Own Jewelry Earrings

Summary: Jewelry making daily is an interesting thing for the jewelry making enthusiasts. They often make various and special jewelry. You can also make your own jewelry like earrings. Follow us and you will do it.

You will be confident when you wear unique jewelry, and you don’t need to worry that you will wear the same jewelry as others. That would be embarrassing if the situation where to happens. Next, we will tell you how to make your own jewelry earrings. 


Materials and tools needed in making your own jewelry:

10mm and 6mm transparent acrylic beads

4mm Swarovski crystal beads

4mm glass beads

Metal beads

Alloy chain


Gold bead caps

Earring hooks

3 steps to making your own jewelry earrings:

Step1: Make dangles with the beads and headpins.
Add a gold bead cap to a 10mm transparent acrylic bead as picture shown

Step 2: Prepare two alloy chains, one is 8cm and other one is 2cm

Step 3: Finish earrings

1st, fold the 8cm chain into two parts, one is 3.5cm long and another is 4.5cm. And slide the  link at the folded part onto the loop of the earring hook.

2nd, Add the dangles made in step1 to the 2cm chain. And then add the chain to the earring hook.

3rd, add dangles A and C to the earring hook directly.


So you have got beautiful earrings. You can do jewelry making daily with our instructions. We will introduce you more ideas and help you to make your own jewelry.

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