How to Design Your Ring- Make Your Personalized Charm Jewelry

Summary: How to design your ring? Rings are a great way to accessorize! And in this article, we will teach you how to make a gorgeous ring. It can be your personalized charm jewelry.

People will admire you when you wear and tell them you made this unique jewelry. And everyone wants to own personalized charm jewelry. Here you have the chance to make one. Please follow our steps and you will know how to design your ring. It is beautiful and you will love it.


Supplies needed in designing your ring:

Blue and green transparent acrylic beads

Nylon wire

Base with many holes

Pad ring base

How to design your ring?

Step 1: Slide a blue acrylic bead onto the wire, and thread two ends of the wire through two holes and out from each other’s hole. And then continue adding acrylic beads to holes of the outmost circle as picture shows. Then tie a knot with the two ends.


Step2: Add green and blue acrylic beads to the base by threading the wire through the holes of the second circle. And then tie a knot.


Step 3: Attach a green acrylic bead to the center of the base and you now have a focal piece..

Step4: Attach the focal piece to the pad of a ring base.


Done! You have got a ring. The ring looks like a shiny flower when you move it around. It can certainly be your personalized jewelry. You must have mastered how to design your ring if you understand our steps. And you can use other colors or styles of beads to make. Make your own special ring!

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Aug 11, 2014 at 08:28 AM Amna Khan

where can I find such simple ring to add beads ??