Style 9: Attaching a Bail with Flat Square Stitch Bail

Summary: Before you learn this technique, you should know how to make a flat square stitch project. You can learn it from beading techniques- stitch techniques in our learning center. You should know what materials we will use in this technique. Let’s make it if you have a brick stitch project.


Step 1: Prepare a flat square stitch project.


Step 2: Slide a bead onto it.


Step 3: Thread the nylon wire of one side through the first bead of the other side.


Step 4: Thread the wire through the second bead of the original bead.

Step 5: Thread like that until you reach the last bead.


Step 6: Tie a knot and cut off the extra wire.


Step 7: Slide it onto a cord.


This technique it is very easy to learn if you have already had a flat square stitch project. 

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