Easy Tutorial about Making DIY Candy-Colored Bracelet

Summary: You can make out a beautiful candy-colored rosary bracelet with simple glass beads; this is an easy bracelet tutorial to direct you into finishing your own DIY candy-colored bracelet.

The spiffiest thing is to make a decent and easy bracelet that can exhibit your good taste and creative design with just common materials. In this tutorial, it is a DIY candy-colored bracelet that will bring you this kind of surprises. 

1. Prepare materials: crystal nylon wire 30cm , acrylic candy-colored beads;


2. Randomly slide colorful beads onto nylon wire;


3. When the bracelet length reaches what you desire, tie a firm surgical knot and cut off extra wire.


So this candy-colored bracelet is done. Get different glass beads, and make two or three that kind of candy-colored bracelets. Then the single-style candy-colored bracelet is finished. 

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