Wire Butterfly Earrings Tutorial - Make Your Personal Jewelry

Summary: 3 easy steps for you to make wire butterfly earrings; this earring tutorial will help you try out this pretty pair, and it will become one of your favorite personal jewelry.

In this earring tutorial, the butterfly gently stops at the red ripe berry; what a beautiful scene! Don’t you want to integrate the vision element into your personal jewelry? Follow our detailed instructions; you can finish this lovely pair of wire butter fly earrings.

Materials and tools:

0.8mm dark red copper wire

8mm red acrylic beads

Ear hooks

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutters

Awl (optional)



Step 1: make butterfly pendant

1st, cut a 20cm piece of 0.8mm copper wire and loop one end with plier;

2nd, wrap around an awl handle leftward and rightward twice;

3rd, after the 4 loops are done, keep 2-3cm and cut off extra wire;

4th, coil the last 2-3 cm wire.


Step 2: add bead focal

1st, cut a 7-8cm length of copper wire and loop one end;

2nd, slide a red acrylic bead on and make a nice wire-wrapped loop on the opposite end;

3rd, attach butterfly pendant to the bead focal.


Step 3: finish the wire butterfly earrings

Attach ear hook to the whole dangle, and repeat to finish the other piece.


The final look will look like this:


Tada! The wire butterfly earrings are done! I guess you really enjoy this simple earring tutorial, don’t you? Aren’t you seeing the dainty earrings are projecting their dazzling light to you? They want to be your precious personal jewelry. 

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